• Miss Miggi's Towering Spire(350)

  • Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword(350)

  • Carmodius Crystalline Stylus(350)

  • Kelada's Elucidation(350)

  • Iron-Grip Specimen Handlers(355)

  • Splatterguards(370)

  • Antiseptic Specimen Handlers(370)

  • Bloody Experimenter's Wraps(370)

  • Fluid-Resistant Specimen Handlers(370)

  • Darkmoon Deck:Fathoms(355)

  • Waatah's Double-Knotted Cord(350)

  • Spellbound Specimen Handlers(385)

  • Embroidered Deep Sea Bag

  • Mecha-Mogul Mk2

  • Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster

  • Captured Dune Scavenger

  • Bloody Experimenter's Wraps(355)

  • Khayurn, Blade of the Wolves(350)

  • Decapitator of Alireza(350)

  • Yang's Other Recurve(350)

  • Freezie's Bubble Popper(350)

  • Self-Rotating Dagger of Xing(350)

  • Ameelton's Shot-Thrower(350)

  • Flaming Gavel of Truth(350)

  • Silirrion's Tenderizer(350)

  • Glave's Angular Glaive(350)

  • Oswain's Impassive Guard(350)

  • Shtuf's Ruler(350)

  • Treiya's Shining Pillar(350)

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