World of Warcraft Tip: Warcraftlogs is a bully tool

05/16/2018 上午
Warcraft Logs is raiders everywhere to assess their performance and where they can improve. It's an invasion of privacy, and you can't make yourself not have a warcraftlogs page if someone parses you, and if you set it to private, it says a politely worded message on your page that basically means "this person is too scared to show his parses cuz bad".

Players was doing 1mill+ dps on fights in antorus and was getting gray parses. Not to mention it's not a fair way to give you a score. Like for example when we were on imonar the soul hunter I get slept and nobody dispels me and I die. I got a 5 grey parse because of that. 

Players should be able to have the choice to disallow anyone from Parsing yourself account. If I do 1mill+ dps on fights and do all the mechanics I shouldn't need to be parsed on anything. I've made an alt and I'm so apprehensive to go into N antorus in the concern that some elitist parses me in a pug and I parse grey because I'm 910 ilvl.

Warcraftlogs is like putting a camera in your bathroom. If you wanna kick bads look at the dps meters, and kick the ones dying to mechanics. Don't look at some elitist website that for all you know parsed him grey because some stupid garbage happened in the raid. 

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