What is the new archaeology project in the Battle For Azeroth?

Do you like archeology? Have you planted these contents and got every extended mount, toys and other available items? Are you the opposite? Does archaeology make you want to pull your hair out, so you avoid it like a plague? Either way, you can get some interesting items in the battle of Azeroth (but if you want more WoW Gold, you still have to come to Mmygold).

First of all, players can choose to solve Drust Archaeology Fragment and the archaeological fragments of the battle. The two segments have an upper limit at 200. Each segment provides three different rare items. So archaeologists can get a pet, a mounts and an ornament from one or two of these fragments.

You can summon a ghost dancer with the dance of death. A pile of bones will teach you to summon the restored soul mounts. Painful psychic fetishism is an ornament. Its ability to use will slow your target's attack and casting speed by 15% in 5 seconds.

Players can summon plague toads with Croak Crock toys. Users will be able to use Intact Direhorn Egg to enter the Direhorn Hatchling mounting base. Blood elf totem can make you deplete the enemy's health and provide some treatment for yourself.

How are other professions interested in beta testing? You can also check out our charming and alchemy guide. Archaeology continues to provide unique mounts and pets, making it an interesting hobby with unique rewards. What do you think of this industry? Do you finish each extension task? What do you want to see from archaeology in the future? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget Mmygold has the most professional WoW service in business!