Battle For Azeroth : Dueler’s Guild Announced

As war mode and PvP talents were added to the final beta version, Dueler's Guild became one of the major changes to PvP in Battle For Azeroth.

Players will remember to duel anyone and everyone outside of Georgia or storm city to prove that they can beat the best players on their servers. The arena of Zuldazar, Dueler, west of the capital of Zandalar, has many target dummy and many NPC (NPC 141148). The interesting part of the arena, however, is when you talk to a dialogue with the NPC (NPC 137689) that has enabled the war mode: Dueler's Guild will allow anyone to fight with the people they want. This means that Dueler's Guild may be the place where PvPers and people who just want to test out new PvP builds.

There are some changes in the Boralus terminal, which means that the alliance version may be there. However, if you queue up when the role is in the war mode, you can line up in the arena to fight.

This allows players not only to participate in their duels, but also to watch duels. Some players have given feedback. "I really hope we can see these battles," selkie47 said. "The indicators of class and specifications will be cool, too, definitely announcers," Aarkan said.

However, some people worry that tanks and healers may line up according to these specifications, which may weaken the interesting factors of Blundell guild. People who take part in PvP activities often know how difficult it is to kill a healer or a tank. "I hope that the therapist and the tank can't stand in line. Or at least if they do, they can only match the other tanks / healers, "he said.

What do you think of the Dueler’s Guild? Will you wait here to wait for a duel? Or do you just watch people show off their rights? Please tell us in the comments below! And if you are interested in buying WoW Gold, please come to, we promise you that you can get whatever you want!