Battle For Azeroth: Determination of the entrance position of nine major dungeons

Today, World of Warcraft's information website in Germany called Vanion reveals the determination of the entrance position of nine major dungeons of Azeroth. Now let's get familiar with the environment together. 

Here are two underground cities, namely Atal'Dazar (outer) and Wang's sleep (inside). Atal'Dazar is the main thread of Zudasa's main line. It is relatively easy to find. There are flying points of allied tribes nearby.

Temple of Sethraliss
Temple of Sethraliss is occupied by the sway of the snag of the snakes, the temple in the Walton region, which is to go through a steep mountain path to the main entrance. There is a flying point nearby.

The underrot

The location of The underrot is At the bottom of the deep pit of nepmir. The Nazi tribe's main mission will lead to this. So you need to go through a spiral descent road to the bottom of the deep pit. 

King’s Rest

The King’s Rest is also located in Atal'Dazar, who is interested in entering the underground city must pass through the first underground city atatarsa. This dungeon can also be entered through a side door, just along the mountain road on the right side of the first copy entrance, then you are entering Atal'Dazar, arriving at the final boss of the Atal'Dazar fungeon, the entrance to the King’s Rest.

The Undermine

The Undermine is the birthplace of the novice goblins, Coman. The Confederate entrance is located in the southwestern region of the shebara, an important base for the alliance's war action mission and the main base of the Alliance players at the gads, the camps of the black iron dwarf.


Freehold is a pirate Town, located in Kul Te Lars's Strait of tygal, and can also be visited in an open world. The Freehold task line is part of the main task of the alliance's lagarad Strait. There is a neutral point of flight nearby. A mountain pass can be found on the mountain outside the town, and a dungeon entry can be found.

Waycrest Manor
The cursed villa is located in Drews's tile, Kul Te Lars, with a neutral flying point located on the left side of the village before the manor. The Drews tile main line of the alliance player ends here. This underground city is very easy to find. As long as you come to the northwest of Drews, you will not ignore it, because the Waycrest Manor
 is really big.

Tol Dagor

Tol Dagor is Kul Te Lars's sea prison, located on the eastern side of the Strait of the lagarad Strait. Confederation players were escorted to Jaina after they came to kuratas. There is a flying point on the island. It only needs a long distance swim to reach the island and you can unlock it. The lighthouse on the island is very obvious. Coalition players can choose to swim or water from the baalaris, and the tribal war is Tol Dagor on the sea opposite the main base of the tiarad channel.

Siege of Boralus

The Confederate entrance is located in the remittance market of the sea, where tribal players can arrive here by boat on a boat next to the base of a war operation in the Straits.

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